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Commonly Asked Questions on Will Writing In Malaysia

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Why do I need a Will?

Well, you can leave the distribution of your assets to the law. The way how the distribution of your assets (for non-muslim) is determined by the Malaysia Distribution Act 1958 (Amended 1997). You may not like it, and it is a lengthy and arduous process.

Without a Will, your family will require an application for the Letter of Administration, which takes over six months to arrive. The lengthy procedure is due to the compliance of additional legal requirements.

With a Will, the period to complete distribution is considerably shortened as your family won't have to seek for guarantors or reliable administrator (RA). You can also make sure that the welfare of your children is taken care of by selecting a guardian. At the same time, you still maintain control over your assets even after writing your Will.

What if I do not have a beneficiary to leave my assets?

Even if you do not have any surviving family members that you would like to give to, you can always consider a charitable contribution to organizations for the needy.

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