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Real Life Story From A Mom Who Got Breast Cancer

There is nothing I want more than to see my 8-year-old son grow up. I want to provide Toto with a happy and carefree childhood. He is my guiding light in this painful journey and my love for him is the only thing that sustains me.

Can you imagine how painful it is to hear: "Mom, are you sure that you will not die? Promise me you'll have the operation?"

In March, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (stage II). Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging showed calcifications and spicules in the formations, which means that they are malignant. I have a partial mastectomy scheduled for June 30. I will be prescribed a treatment plan after the operation.

Last week, my husband, John and I were laid off. We worked for the same company, which had to reduce its staff. My husband had to stop working to take care of me. Besides, he will be the only person who will take care of me during the treatment. We are in dire need of help right now because of the upcoming surgery costs, medical expenses and daily bills until he can work again.

I haven't stopped working for 16 years, and lately, my work has become much more exhausting because I developed tendovaginitis. Working on a computer is already a constant pain for me. I neglected the pain to provide my family with everything they needed - this has always been my priority. But there comes a time when you realize that you can't keep torturing yourself because otherwise, you will fall apart. It's high time I took care of myself.

My son, my wonderful boy, needs his mother. My heart shrinks every time I look him in the eye because I know I may not be by his side as he grows.

At this point, before the partial mastectomy on June 30, I have SGD 7,000 in my bank account. What I need most is a break: the opportunity to recover from the operation without trying to connect the two end and wonder how I will afford every next medical expense.

The medical costs I expect are very steep, which includes our daily expenses and rent.


The above is a real-life story from a mom that got breast cancer. Names and countries stated above were changed accordingly.

As for now, they are looking for ways to support her medical fees and daily expenses.

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