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What Materials Can You Refer To Make An Informed Decision Before Purchasing An Insurance Plan?

Updated: May 2, 2020

With the many types of life insurance plans that cater to different needs and budgets out there, how can you decide if a particular plan is the right one for you and your family? Here’s a quick rundown on the available materials that you can ask us to show you!

Product Brochure

The product brochure is first and foremost, a basic introduction to a plan. It usually carries a general overview of the product’s essential features, benefits and risks, exclusions and limitations, terms and conditions, as well as its fees and charges, where applicable.

How it helps: You may use the product brochure to compare and contrast the many different plans. It also serves as a useful guide for you to ask for more information about a policy from us.

Sales Illustration

A Sales Illustration contains the projected benefits payable for a particular plan you have selected such as death benefit, surrender value and cash bonuses (guaranteed/non-guaranteed). These figures are based on assumptions of premium amount, the basic sum assured, the term of assurance, age, gender, smoker status and occupation class, where applicable. You may get us to generate a Sales Illustration based on your allocated budget, desired coverage and preferred insurance plan. Do keep in mind that a Sales Illustration is not a legal document, and you should read the Policy Contract to understand the exact nature of your policy and the benefits and risks associated with it.

How it helps: With a Sales Illustration in hand, you will have a more unobstructed view of what you can get out of a particular plan, helping you see how it can benefit you.

Product Disclosure Sheet

The Product Disclosure Sheet (PDS) is appended together with the Sales Illustration that is provided by your Life Planning Advisor. Like the Product Brochure, it gives an overview of an insurance plan’s essential features, benefits and risks, exclusions and limitations, terms and conditions, along with its fees and charges, where applicable. However, details on the premium payable, premium payment mode and sum assured (if applicable) are customised according to your preference or as proposed by us. It also contains the contact details of the insurance company and the available channels for feedback or enquiry.

How it helps: It addresses a host of critical questions that can help you further evaluate the suitability of the plan or to facilitate comparisons between different plans.

Fund Fact Sheet

Complete with graphs and figures, the Fund Fact Sheet details out a unit fund’s objective and sector allocation, fund size, fund management charge, investment strategy, risk profile and performance since the inception of the fund.

How it helps: It works as a quick information guide if you are planning on purchasing an investment-linked insurance plan. You can compare the different types of funds and choose those that suit your risk appetite.

Sample Policy Contract

A Sample Policy Contract provides detailed and comprehensive information on an insurance policy. It includes but is not limited to the key features, benefits and risks, exclusions and limitations, terms and conditions as well as fees and charges, where applicable. The actual Policy Contract will only be delivered to you when your selected policy is in force. You will also be given a free-look period of 15 days to review the suitability of the plan you have chosen.

How it helps: As the Sample Policy Contract is a reflection of the plan you plan to purchase, you can understand what key details to look out for in your actual Policy Contract when it arrives.

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